I'm Jess. By the time my youngest Jude was one, I was bored of people exclaiming, 'Wow, you're brave!' when they saw I had four boys. So I decided to write about my experiences and how special it is to have four sons. 

I've been married to Neil for nearly a decade. Neil is South African and we met in Cape Town when I decided to fly out there to change my life.  We were married after a seven month whirlwind romance.  When we fell pregnant with Gabriel we decided to up sticks to the UK for a while so I could be close to family.  Nine years later we're still here...


We live in Leigh, a village just outside Tonbridge in the beautiful Kent countryside. But this blog is all about the boys so over to them...

This is Gabriel, 8.  Gabriel is my Christmas baby, born in December 2010. Gabriel is our resident book worm, coder, scientist and engineer.  He lives to learn and his enthusiasm for STEM and a hundred questions a day are both a delight and a challenge.  I'm always looking for new ways to stretch Gabriel's mind and imagination, which isn't easy with four children to look after. 


Learning is Gabriel's happy place and he's content to spend hours in his bedroom surrounded by books (if he's not at a museum...) Gabriel wants to be an engineer, coder and DJ when he's grown up.

This is Flynn, 7.  Flynn was born in June 2012, eighteen months after Gabriel.  He's always been determined to catch up with his big brother and to his delight has recently overtaken him in height.

Flynn is creative, loves sports and is a foodie!  He's my sensitive one and can be a bit overwhelmed with his emotions sometimes. He's loud and boisterous, loving and kind.  Flynn's obsessed with football and plays whenever he can.  He supports Spurs as well as our brilliant local team, Tonbridge Angels - he's in their junior team


Flynn wants to be a world famous footballer and a chef when he's grown up.

This is Theo, 5.  Theo was born in July 2014, two years after Flynn.  He was my littlest baby.  Theo may be pint sized but he more than makes up for it in energy and enthusiasm. He's our cheeky boy and makes us all laugh.


Theo's always on the go - he never sits still!  He only wants to play sport or get outside exploring - wearing shorts whatever the weather.  Theo says he wants to be an England cricketer, a professional scooter rider AND a footballer when he's older.

And this is Jude, 2.  When I fell pregnant with Jude I worried about how the baby would survive having three boisterous older brothers.  I needn't have worried! 


Jude was born in February 2017, and made his presence known right away.  We call him Bear because he's always been big and cuddly.  And noisy!

Jude LOVES vehicles and farm animals. Driving with him at the moment is painful as he screeches at every van, bus and truck we pass - and gets angry if I don't make the appropriate noises.  I'd guess Jude wants to be a farmer or refuse collector when he's older, but the jury is out until he can start talking for himself...

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