Black Deer Festival,Tunbridge Wells.

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

We’re back home after the BEST family day at Black Deer Festival 👏👏

I wasn’t sure how much there’d be to keep the boys entertained but they’ve all had a great time. Kids at Black Deer have their own little festival going on in the Young Folk area with music, crafts and outdoor activities.

And there was the incredible Woodland Tribe play zone with children building their own playground with hammers, saws, nails and huge piles of wood... Once the boys were in, it was pretty much home for the rest of the day.

By some miracle Jude fell asleep in his buggy after lunch (he NEVER naps on the go - must be a country fan) so I found myself in the bar with a G&T while Neil assisted the boys with hammer and nails. Living the dream...

It was fab to see our friends at Imagine Make Play again, the boys love their screen printing. I must remember to pick up a home kit next time so we can do it ourselves too.

After Flynn’s sleepover party last night and a long day spent active outdoors the boys are all absolutely shattered. Need to get them into bed super early as no doubt Flynn will have us all up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for his birthday. We'll definitely be back at Black Deer next year for more American memories, we've loved it.

We were given complimentary tickets to Black Deer Festival in return for an honest, review. All words and images are our own.

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