Boys, you are more than enough.

When I was in the hospital waiting room with Jude this week I got talking to the lady beside me. When I mentioned that I had four boys she exclaimed, “Oh, you poor thing! Will you have another go?”

I’ve been thinking about her comment lots these past few days as it’s one I hear a lot. Why are my boys not enough? Why isn’t my family complete unless I have a daughter, and why is unfortunate to have only sons?

My children are beautiful, gentle, incredible souls who so happen to be male. They are my world and bring my such joy; I can’t imagine feeling sad that I have “just” these boys.

I hope they never think they’re not more than enough for me. I’m blessed to have them, and am looking forward to having four handsome men around me when they’re older.

#foursons #morethanenough #blessed

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