Road-testing the BubbleBum.

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

One of the challenges of having four young children is getting everyone safely from A to B. We have four child car seats in our car, but bringing friends home from school? My parents taking the boys out in their car? Not to mention the cost of borrowing four car seats when we hire a car on holiday.

We soon wised up to the fact that we needed to get a couple of booster seats that we could keep in the car and fly with easily when we headed abroad. There are quite a few variations of booster seat on the market and we tried several of them. However the boys were hard to please.

First we bought a couple of combined backpack & booster seats, but Gabriel and Flynn found them too heavy and bulky to carry on their backs, so they became just more stuff for us parents to carry through the airport. So we sold those and bought two foldable, compact booster seats - but the boys found them uncomfortable to sit on and would fight amongst themselves over who had to use them.  Not ideal - we sold those too.

But then we discovered BubbleBum Booster Seat, and with it, an option that actually works for us. BubbleBum's unique selling point is that it's inflatable - so it's light to carry and when deflated takes up very little space in its travel bag. When it's needed it's just a case of blowing into its valve to inflate (it takes me about a minute to do but my husband much less),

positioning it on the car seat and securing by sliding the seat belt through both its red clips (each sides of the booster seat). It's a very quick process but the seat at the end of it is secure, comfortable for the kids (because it's a cushion) and most importantly, very safe.

We bought two black BubbleBum seats for Gabriel and Flynn last year which we've used a lot, and then two weeks ago BubbleBum kindly sent us one of their fab Union Jack design for Theo, which you can see here.  It sits in the middle seat of our car for when we have an extra passenger. The boys all love sitting on that seat now and are quite delighted when they have to go there! Now their fighting revolves around who IS going to sit on the booster seat, rather than who isn't!

Safety wise, the BubbleBum is as safe as you'd want it to be.  It's crash test approved and meets and exceeds EU and US safety regulations. It's also been awarded the Best BET Booster Award by the Insurance institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for eight consecutive years.

If you're after a booster seat for occasional use for older kids (it's group 2/3 so for ages 4+), I can honestly vouch for

Bubblebum from personal experience. It's the best travel booster seat we've found and it does everything you want it to: comfortable, light and easy to carry, fun and safe.

Travelling with a large family is never easy -  but thanks to BubbleBum at least now I have one less thing to worry about.

We bought two Bubble Bums ourselves but were sent our Union Jack Bubble Bum in return for a review. All words and pictures are our own. Find out more at

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