It's always lolly time with Claudi & Fin.

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Jude enjoying his Claudi & Fin mango lolly

At ages 8, 7, 5 and 2, lollies are pretty much the route to happiness for my boys. "What would you like to do now, boys?" I'll ask. "Have a lolly?" one of them will suggest hopefully.  And it really doesn't matter what the weather's doing. Lollies = four very happy boys.

So I was thrilled last November to discover that I'd won TEN BOXES of Claudi & Fin Minis thanks to Spamella B on Instagram. The boys were over the moon when I collected them from school to say we now had a freezer packed full of lollies - regardless of the fact it was freezing outside!

The boys with their lolly haul last year

Thanks to Claudi & Fin we now had 90 lollies to get through. And naturally the boys took on the challenge of eating them all up VERY seriously. I restricted them to three a week to make our haul last a little longer, but they would have happily eaten them daily for three blissful weeks.

I don't say yes to ice creams and lollies for the boys as often as I'd like, because I'm mindful of the boys' sugar intake and want to keep their number of sugary treats down - particularly for Jude who wants the same as his big brothers. But because Claudi & Fin are greek style frozen yoghurt with lots of real fruit (and no nasties), I was able to relax. And the boys had no idea they were healthier than the average - they all declared them delicious.

Happiness is... a box of C&F lollies

Obviously by the time summer came around this year, our good days filled with Claudi & Fin Minis were long gone. So I've been buying Claudi and Fin four packs of strawberry and mango lollies. The boys are delighted to have upped their portion size! Gabriel and Flynn love the mango ones and Theo and Jude's favourites are strawberry. And I'm enjoying them too - you'd never know they were low calorie.

The only time Flynn stops playing football.

We're now such huge fans of Claudi & Fin that we've run our own competition to give away a freezer full of lollies, and have been delighted to pass the joy on! The boys just wish we'd been able to enter ourselves!

And now that the boys are accustomed to eating lollies all year round, I think our freezer is going to be stocked with Claudi & Fin for some time ahead!

I was given no financial incentive or free products for this review - apart from our lovely competition haul! All opinions and photos are my own. We buy our Claudi & Fin lollies at Ocado but they are available in all good supermarkets.

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