Counting with Peppa.

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Jude's at the age where he LOVES numbers. From singing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to spotting house numbers whenever we go for a walk, he welcomes any opportunity to brush up on his counting skills. And he's been very busy indeed this week number counting with his best friend Peppa.

Jude was sent Count with Peppa by Trends UK from the lovely folk at WirePR to see what he thought. And it's fair to say he loves it. Peppa, numbers and singing? A toy doesn't get better than that!

Jude's a big fan of Peppa Pig so the toy caught his attention right away - he was really excited and shouted Open, Open! until I got it out of the box. Inside were ten plastic coins from one to ten, each a different colour and Peppa character (and a picture of that same number of objects on the back too).   We got the coins out of the box first and Jude was happy playing with them on their own for some time, before we introduced Peppa.

Peppa has two modes that can be selected from a button at the back: The first all about numbers and counting, and the other focuses on colours and objects. Switched to numbers mode, Peppa asks children to do various things, such as find the number three coin, find a coin with ten socks, or insert a certain number of coins into her purse. She's able to recognise when a correct or incorrect coin was inserted and respond appropriately.

Perfect sized coins for little hands

Switched to colours mode, Peppa asks children to find the green coin, or the find a coin with five red cars.  To be honest, we haven't used that mode much!  Once Peppa's purse is full, children can open the little door and empty it so they can start again.

Peppa has two selection buttons at the front - press the one on the right for Peppa to ask you questions, and press the one on the left if you want her to sing! She sings three number songs from the show, including Jude's favourite song at the moment, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I caught a fish alive!"

Jude is having a great time playing with Peppa. He's enjoying counting coins for her and putting them in her purse - and opening it again to start again. He's loving the songs too - I can hear him chatting and singing along happily in the playroom while I'm in the kitchen.  

The only grumble I have is that her coins are rather tricky to insert. The slot is pretty small compared to the size of the coins, and I had to do it for Jude at first as he couldn't quite manage it. However, with a little practice he's now mastered it and can push them in using two hands. Smaller children may not be able to do it without help.

Overall, I think this is an excellent toy, particularly for the price (RRP £19.99). Jude really loves it and has been playing with it a lot - chatting away to Peppa, counting and singing along.  The interactive element encourages him to play independently, and it's great that he's learning numbers, counting, colours and songs in such a fun way.   And when Peppa is switched off he's getting lots of play value from the coins in themselves -  nice and chunky to hold, brightly coloured and with his favourite Peppa characters on them too.

I'm pretty sure Jude will be counting with Peppa for some time yet!

We were sent Count with Peppa free of charge, in return for an honest and impartial review. All thoughts, words and images are my own.

You can purchase Count with Peppa at Amazon, Argos, Smyths Toys and other retailers.

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