Farewell cot.

The end of an era.

Today we said goodbye to our cot. It’s been a fixture in our home for eight years but Jude’s nearly two now and is ready for a toddler bed, and we won’t be having any more babies.

I had a little cry as we dismantled it, and had it collected by a local mum for her daughter to use. That piece of furniture looked after my four babies. It’s seen each of my children grow from helpless newborn looking so tiny inside it, to little boy, standing up each morning shouting for their mama.

Through its bars I’ve held little hands and rubbed backs. Next to it I’ve sat and sung nursery rhymes to comfort my sick child. Beside it I’ve lain down in the dark until I’ve seen little chests rise and fall in sleep.

With Jude’s cot I’m saying farewell to the baby years. The endless sleepless nights, the feeds and the nappy changes. I didn’t think they would ever end but now that they have, I realise how precious they were.

Cot, I’m going to miss you.

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