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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Science is my favourite subject and I LOVE the elements and the Periodic Table. My top elements are Titanium and Hydrogen. I have a big poster in my bedroom and I like reading about what all the different elements do.  I was very excited when Mum showed me our new game FReNeTiC - because it's ALL about the Periodic Table!

In the game FReNeTic you have a board with the Periodic Table on it.  It looks exactly how it always is, with the elements and their atomic numbers in the right places. There are lots of element tiles (not all of them though - some are missing) which you put in a bag, and you also have writing pads, pencils and a timer.

I played the game with Mum and I started off by taking eight tiles out of the bag which I then had to put on the board over the correct elements. Once I was finished we had to see how many words we could make up using those atomic symbols - with the timer running!

We both found it very hard in the first round as we didn't have many tiles on the board. Our elements were Cs, Ti, In, Si, I, Ra, Rg and Ru.  I  wrote down Rain and Ruin on my paper, but I couldn't think of anything else. When the timer ended I told Mum my words and we added up my score by adding up the tile atomic numbers. Mum read out her words but she didn't have any new ones so I got all the points!

For the next round it was Mum's turn to take four element tiles out of the bag and add them to the board. As we had more tiles this time we found it easier to make more words, and the game became more and more fun!! We kept going like this, taking turns to add tiles.

The tricky bit about the game is that you have to write the elements down exactly as they are on the tiles.  So you can't just use the R from the tile Rg, but have to find a word that has rg in it. Doh!!  One of the best bits is adding up the word values after each round, because the elements values are quite big and I like playing on the calculator on Mum's phone. AND also some of the elements are DOUBLE points so that gives you really big scores!

I had lots of fun playing the game and we did lots of rounds! I won because I got more points than Mum when we added everything up.  Mum said she got panicked when the timer was running but I was more cool.  I win when I play Flynn too, because he's seven (I am nine on 15th December!) and he doesn't like science as much as me.

I really like FReNeTiC and I am getting better at it every time I play. I can normally only make two element words at the moment but I'm finding it easier to spot them now.

I think the game is good for people that love science but also for people that don't like science, because it's like Scrabble but more interesting!

Note from me: We were sent the board game FReNeTiC by Accentuate free or charge in return for a completely honest and impartial review. All words are Gabriel's (aged 8) and I took the photos. It's a great game and I love that it's educational too - it gets a big thumbs up from us.

You can buy FReNeTiC on Amazon (Affiliate link) and John Lewis.

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