Calling mini music makers with the Halilit Toddler Music Orchestra.

Like most little ones, Jude LOVES music. Any opportunity he'll be beating out a rhythm - whether it's a stick against the tree or his spoon on the table. To the uninitated it may sound like a din, but I'm sure Jude knows what he's doing.   So he was a happy boy indeed when I showed him our delivery from the postman: the Toddler Music Orchestra from Halilit!

Inside the box Jude found five musical instruments and a song sheet for those wanting to take their music making seriously (sadly I'm lacking in musical talent so these are parked for any musical visitors). Jude got stuck into the box right away, pulling out a xylophone, ocean drum, rattle, bell and little maraca and getting busy working out how they all played.

Jude's attention was drawn to the xylophone right away, and rightly so. It's a gorgeous instrument - sturdy and bright with pitch perfect notes. Jude loves playing it, though he often interupts performances to admire the key colours!

Here he is, talking us through them:

Jude also loves the drum as it's really interesting to look at as well as play: it has a lovely ocean picture in which Jude can identify fish, starfish and an octopus, and multi-coloured beads that move and make a pleasing noise as you beat the drum or shake it.

The three smaller instruments are also well thought out with interesting shapes and sounds and large, textured handles easy for little hands to grip.

Obviously, an Orchestra requires more than one musician - so Jude invited big brother Theo (5) and his cousin Naomi (4) to join him in playing . Together they had a brilliant time and lots of fun and giggles making music together.

Jude also found that wearing sunglasses helped to release his creative side:

Ome week on, Jude is still playing with his instruments and enjoying them a great deal. Jude's two and a half and I wish I'd bought him a set a year ago, so he could have been playing them for longer (they'd be suitable for little ones from 9 months up). I'm going to get him a couple more Halilit instruments to add to his band this Christmas - probably tamborines and a Maracito!

I've been really impressed by the Toddler Music Orchestra and recommend to anyone wanting instruments for their baby or toddler. They're sturdy, a lovely weight, are bright, interesting and colourful for little ones and make some great sounds too - and not too loudy either!  Once Jude has sadly grown out of them I'll be passing on our set to my little niece so she can make up an Orchestra of her own!

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Halilit sent us a free Toddler Music Orchestra in return for an honest, impartial review. All thoughts, words, videos and images are our own.

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