I'll be right behind him.

I don’t often get the chance to spend quality time with Gabriel so it was wonderful being able to take him up to London yesterday afternoon, just the two of us.

Gabriel’s eight going on eighteen in many ways: he can talk for hours about physics and chemistry and I have no idea what he’s on about when he explains his coding and STEM projects... But in other ways he’s just so young, so innocent, so sensitive, so fragile.

I worry about Gabriel far more than his younger brothers. He’s different to his peers, will the world be kind to him as he gets older? Will he make friends when he goes to secondary school? I wish I could stay by his side forever, sheltering him from this mad, cruel world of ours.

But I know that yesterday, he was happy. He IS happy. He loves life - he’s full of excitement and wonder, and thinks the world a wonderful, kind place. He’s having a happy loving childhood and I couldn’t ask for anything more for him.

And when he’s older and ventures independently into this world, he’ll know I’m right behind him, every step of the way...

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