Meeting our literary hero.

Eek, Gabriel's in the Radio Times this week!

A couple of weeks ago Gabriel was lucky enough to win a Radio Times competition to meet the marvellous David Walliams, alongside eleven other children from across the UK.

Entrants had to say what question they’d love David Walliams to answer. Gabriel’s always making up stories, so he wanted to know whether David also had countless stories in his head when he was eight, and whether his friends found them amusing!

Gabriel and his fellow winners chatted with David and heard him read from three of his books, and were able to put their questions to him.

In answer to his question, David told Gabriel that he'd loved clowning around for his friends at his age, and enjoyed being in his bedroom, writing stories and dreaming up funny tales.

He was also interested to hear about Gabriel's love of inventing, and his favourite read at the moment, The Inventor's Handbook. David said it would be a great idea for his next novel, though G pointed out that it had already been published...

The children all went away with a signed copy of FING, which Gabriel read and laughed at all the way home. He was finished by the time we pulled into Tonbridge station!

And Flynn, who’d been sad to miss out on meeting his hero, had one of his books signed too.

If the boys weren’t already super fans of David Walliams, they certainly are now...

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