My Rebounder: My winter survival aid.

I’ve always hated winter but never more so than now, as a mum. My boys don’t do indoors: they want to be free spirits, exploring and running around in the fresh air. Not stuck inside a boring house because it’s dark by 4pm and it’s raining and cold. They go crazy…

And now it’s February I feel like we’ve been stuck in the house for ever. Their Christmas presents aren’t being played with and they’re restless and have far too much energy. The house is loud, chaotic… and because the boys are bored I’m forever refereeing fights or disciplining one of them for being too boisterous or aggressive. Their crazy is driving me insane.

So last week when MyRebounder offered to send us one of their award-winning children’s mini trampolines, I wanted to jump in the car and rush to them in person to give them a hug. Maybe this could be the answer for letting them burn off some energy until we get back outside?

The trampoline was pretty easy to set up in the lounge — it just needed legs attached and the cover stretched over its springs. The boys, who aren’t allowed to use Jude’s toddler trampoline, were suitably impressed with its size, it obviously being for big kids. They were genuninely excited and got bouncing right away  —  I could hear their laughter and shrieks from the kitchen while I made tea.

We’ve had our MyRebounder a week now and it’s honestly been a Godsend. I wish I’d known about it sooner. The boys come in from school now and instead of asking me what they can do, get bouncing right away. They’ve had all kinds of competitions to see whom can jump the highest, or do the most jumps, or practice dabbing mid-air…

And when the boys start quarrelling with each other or moaning at me, I’m now sending them to the trampoline for fifty jumps. By the time they clamber off, they’re in a much better mood, having been active for a few moments.

If your kids are driving you bonkers like mine were, I can’t recommend MyRebounder enough. There are lots of indoor trampolines for younger children but this is the only one I’ve seen that’s suitable for older kids (their upper weight limit is 25kg and the bounce is great). They’re easy to fold away and come with a free storage bag, though I can’t imagine I’ll be using that any time soon.

MyRebounder comes in blue or pink and costs £89.95 with free delivery at AATB fans can use the code ‘abouttheseboys’ for 50% discount until 28th February, making it just under £45.

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