On International Women's Day.

My boys’ best friends at preschool were girls. Yet somehow, somewhere, between Reception and Year One, their view of the opposite sex began to change.

"I’m not playing with girls..."

"Girls are no fun..." "Girls can’t..."

Where does it come from?

I’m determined that my sons will grow up with a different mindset. In the absence of a sister, I’m their primary female role model and I MUST demonstrate and teach them otherwise.

At home we have books with strong female characters but there’s just so much everywhere giving them the wrong message. Where are all the strong, fierce girls in their favourite TV programmes and movies?

THANK YOU to all the incredible women out there, working to change the narrative.

Here’s to teaching our sons about the amazing achievements of women past and present, and to forging a more gender-balanced world for their generation, and the next.

#balanceforbetter #InternationalWomensDay

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