Jude on the run.

We've had the most wonderful half term break, having a big family holiday in the Dordogne to celebrate my parents' 70ths. Ten adults and eleven kids under one roof and the children having a magical week playing together in the sunshine in the gite's garden.

Getting out to France wasn't quite as relaxing. Travelling with a toddler (and three other children) is always stressful but this time we actually managed to lose Jude at Gatwick Airport!

It was a classic case of hubby and I both thinking the other one had him. I walked off with the three boys and turned round to see Neil looking for him, having taken his eyes off him for a moment (we'd passed security and had let him out of the buggy to stretch his legs).

Turns out in only takes a second for a determined two year old to travel quite a distance in a busy terminal - we couldn't see him anywhere. I was running into shops, approaching parents seated with children if they'd seen a toddler in dungarees, finding the information desk to ask for security...

I had quite a little search party (thank you to those kind parents) on the go when a police officer and security found us, carrying a nonplussed Jude. He'd found the stairs and was stopped by an elderly couple one level up.

Jude was gone only fifteen minutes, but it seemed to last a lifetime and was enough to really shake us. The officer suggested buying a wristband with a mobile number on it for Jude to wear, and as we're heading to Woodlands Festival UK this weekend I'm definitely going to get one.

I know it can happen easily and to anyone, but it did make me feel like an awful mum, especially as a report was filed and I was given a few words of advise. We've learnt an important lesson though and I suppose it's a good story to tell Jude when he's older.

Can anyone recommend a good wristband, one that little ones can't remove?

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