Plop Trumps: Perfect for my resident poo experts

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

In younger years when I'd imagined life as a mum, I'd envisaged sitting at the table crafting with my quiet and content children. Never for a moment did I think I'd be refereeing fights between four over-excited boys, or sitting down with them to play a game of Plop Trumps - a game all about poo. But that's exactly what we've spent a rainy Saturday afternoon doing today!

Plop Trumps by Cheatwell Games is what it says on the tin: a game of Trumps, all about poo! Thankfully not the human kind, but of animals.  Fifty cards showcasing fifty different animal poos, from penguin and racoon poo to iguana and dung beetle poo. With a lovely photo too!

To my boys' delight, categories for each card include: frequency, hardness, length, width, smelliness and yuk factor. But as well as drawing kids in with a subject they adore, it's also quite educational - with an info box of interesting facts on each animal. Did you know that Royal Pythons can grow up to 10m long and live for up to 40 years, or that there are only 5000 snow leopards living in the world?

My boys have spent a good hour playing Plop Trumps today and have been giggling together and exclaiming over various poos. They've been sharing photos with each other and having some good chats about the animals. Yuk factor aside, it's a good game (Trumps is a classic for good reason!) and definitely one that appeals to my children.

If your kids like Trumps and enjoy talking endlessly about poo, this is a definite game for them. As its tin says, "it's the business".   Though if you're settling down with a cuppa to play Plop Trumps with your kids, maybe just leave the biscuit for later...

Disclosure: Cheatwell games sent us Plop Trumps in return for an honest and impartial review. All words and pictures are my own. #Gifted.

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