Becoming Ninja masters with Slap Ninja.

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

The boys spend most of their days acting like Ninjas and they love a good action game.  So needless to say, they were rather excited to get home from school this week to the brand new Slap Ninja game by Jaxx Pacific.

The rules of Slap Ninja are simple: one player becomes the Ninja master and the other is their student. The student must tap the coin in his master's hand without getting a karate chop from his master, to win a point. The master must defend his coin by pulling the trigger to karate chop at the advances of his student! Both master and student must defeat their opponent three times - and light their three lights - to win! The unlucky loser gets zapped with the buzzer.

The game is designed for ages four and over so it's one for all ages - Theo is five and he and his big brothers were up to speed and playing within minutes of opening the box.  Batteries are included to save parents from disappointed kids.

While it's easy to get started with the game, it does take practice. According to its tagline, Slap Ninja takes "A Second To Learn, A Life Time To Master" - and my boys have been busy honing their skills over the past couple of days.

If the success of a game is measured by the amount of noise, enthusiasm and laughter it generates, this one's a hit with us. The game's for two players so there were a few squabbles initially amongst the boys over who's turn it was, but now they're having championships together and really getting into it.  I've been challenged by the boys and am definitely a student rather than master - more Ninja practice needed.

With it's sound effects, lights and competitive element, the boys have rated this game a full 10/10. And I know they love it because I heard Ninja noises in the house at 6am this Saturday morning - playing the game was the first thing they did when waking.   I think I'll be hearing it in the house for some time yet.  

Slap Ninja gets a thumbs up from us - and a big ninja karate chop.

#Gifted. Jaxx Pacific sent us Slap Ninja in return for an honest and impartial review. All photos and words are our own.

Slap Ninja's RRP is £19.99 and it's available on Amazon, Very and Smyths Toys. Follow Jaxx Pacific on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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