What did I do?!

I'm feeling quite traumatised today having decided on a whim to get Jude’s hair cut for the first time 🤦🏼‍♀️

I was in the barbers with Gabriel and thought it might be a good idea to neaten up Jude’s hair as it kept getting in his eyes and the more I’ve tried to tame it myself the more bowl-like it’s become (in my defence I’ve had to hide the scissors behind my back and attempt single swipes on a moving target so it has been rather tricky).

Cue super stressful experience involving deafening screams, a packed barbers and me falling off the seat as he squirmed off my lap.

And now all his beautiful curls have gone and I’m NEVER going to get his hair cut ever again!

Or at least not for a very very long time...


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