Keeping our children safe online
Jonathan Taylor, Besafe Online UK

23rd September 2019

Huge thanks to Jonathan Taylor from Besafe Online UK for coming to EM Forster Theatre, Tonbridge to talk to us about online safety for our children and young people last night. 


I came away from the event with mixed emotions: scared about the dangers of the increasing online life of our children, but also empowered.  Knowledge is power, and there are practical steps we can take as a parents to protect our kids from harm, and make technology a positive tool for their future.


Jonathan has kindly given me his presentation slides and further resources which you are welcome to download. Just click on the thumbnails to access. There's plenty more to read on Jonathan's website and you can also follow him on Twitter.

Thanks also to for supporting the event and for providing attendee handouts for attendees.  If you didn't pick them up you can also download them at

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